Professional space organizing that will liberate and release you from clutter, confusion and inefficiency!

Why Nifty Neat Spaces?

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned." - Benjamin Franklin

Did you know a cluttered messy space is not only inconvenient but creates more irritability, procrastination, unfocused activity, wastes your time and money and can even make you gain weight from unnecessary stress? How many times have you planned to organize your home or office but you end up so busy or distracted that it never happens?

How important is it for you to look around your space and actually find whatever you need fast? Get things done efficiently and seamlessly? Have only what you really need and be in an environment that is stylish, clean and aesthetic?

You don't have to dream anymore. Nifty Neat Spaces will help you organize, rearrange and recreate your space!  

The Process

Set up a free consultation by completing our contact form. Over the phone we will discuss your expectations and the details of your project. We will exchange pictures of the space to be transformed and determinate a solid plan for you. Onsite appointments can be arranged for a more detailed project assessment.

Step 1: Minimize

STEP 1: Cleanse yourself of unwanted and unused items! Let's sort and clear through what you need and don't need in order to remove unnecessary clutter and confusion. 

Step 2: Organize

STEP 2: We will categorize and arrange your belongs based on their characteristics and usage frequency.  Hands on organizational designing will attain order in your space.

Step 3: Optimize

STEP 3: We will enhance the functionality of your space according to your work/life flow by offering customized tips and resources to maintain an optimal neat space.

Complementary Tune up visit: Upon project completion we will schedule a follow up "tune up" session to maintain and refine your nifty neat space.


  • Home organizing -  Perfect for cluttered and chaotic kitchens, closets, bedrooms, garages, storage units, living rooms, and any area of your home that needs to be nifty and neat!

  • Space make over - Need to transform your den into a guest room? Your children are all grown up and it is time to transform that "deposit room" into your dream studio or home office. Nifty Neat can help you recreate any space into and functional and organized haven. 

  • Moving ready - Moving to a new home can be very overwhelming, but imagine if you can simply step in your new house with everything systematically in place. We can help you organize your packing process for a smoother transition.

  • Office organizing - File organizing and space rearrangement. Your workplace is the temple of your career so don't let clutter and chaos be obstacles for your success!