I'm Paula and being super organized runs in my family! My grandmother had 5 children and in order to accommodate all of them in a very small space, she had to raise all her girls to be very organized women. My mother was trained my by grandmother and I learned directly from both of them! 

Whenever I have friends over they always comment on how neat and nifty my home is. I even get praise for how my freezer is organized (true story!) . I am always "the person" my family and friends would call when they need some help around their house, rearrange their office or organize their new home. I discovered over the years that being clean, minimalist and organized was so ingrained in me yet challenging for a lot of people. Thanks to my background in law, I've always been precise, I am a fast thinker and have great problem solving skills. My brain is trained to think systematically about everything. 

I became a mother recently and I had to recreate my career path and I started to wonder what am I really good at? Organizing! The feeling I get when I look to a clear, uncluttered and organized space is unique and so fulfilling that I decided to transform my passion into a business to help others to optimize their lives.

This trait of being nifty and neat is a personal, professional and family passion and today I want to give this gift to you!