What is a professional Organizer?

Professional organizers use their skills and expertise to enhance their clients’ lives by creating systems and processes that help control their space and achieve order. Organizers utilize their knowledge of organizing methods and products to customize solutions for their clients home or office.

What s going to happen during the session?

The client and I will sort through everything he/she actually need. I will help keep the client focused in order to minimize the items cluttering the space. The next step is to place everything in way that is efficient and makes sense to the client's daily life.

Do you bring your supplies or do I purchase them?

How long it will take?

My role is to provide hands on organizing and guidance to optimize your space. Besides my hourly rate the client may choose to purchase extra items such as containers and accessories based on my suggestions. I do my best to make your space nifty and neat with what is available in your home, however often clients designate a budget for extra supplies.

There are many factors to consider since each client has a custom situation. Factors to consider are size of the space, the items in the space, decision-making skills, and available resources (do you store boxes that can be re purposed?). It may take only 1 hour to fold a stack of pants or 3 hours to sort and scan stacks of paperwork. You can rest assure I work as quickly and efficiently as possible, ensuring that your time and money are well spent.

It is case by case for the particular project. I work with a flat rate of $55 an hour. I offer a discounted hourly rate of $50 for projects that are 5+ hours.

How much it will cost?

Together we will decide where you would like to donate your unwanted items or the best place to dispose of items in the most Eco-friendly way possible. Generally I can get rid the items for you provided they are not large objects like furniture. In the past I have disposed of clothing and accessories for clients usually to charity organizations like Goodwill. Donation receipts are always returned to the client.

What will happen with the items I no longer need?