“Nifty Neat Spaces delivers!”

I had Paula come to arrange my new office space. It was really helpful to get chaos in order for work. Now I don't get overwhelmed by my office and save time and energy on a daily basis.

— Kyle S.

“Paula is really easy to work with.”

My husband and I work and we have three children. Just like many families get monthly house cleaners we use Paula to tune up our home space. She he really made a difference in our domestic lifestyle with her system of organizing. It feels really good to minimize all your stuff and actually know where the rest of it is!

— Lana Guerrara.

“Paula gave us peace of mind.”

I had Paula transforming my guest room into a baby boy room. My husband and I weren't planning to have a baby right now and we didn't know from where to start. It was very overwhelming for us (full time working parents) to get used to the idea and get ready for our precious son. We requested an onsite consultation, and Paula helped me to sort through and store the things in my guest room, leaving it ready to receive new furniture and all the baby gear. She came another day to organize our baby's room giving me time to enjoy my baby bump days!! --

- Ana Rodrigues.